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3 websites to help you live greener

Wanting to live a greener lifestyle is noble. You can do it lots of ways. Everything from what you eat to what you grow in your garden can have an impact.

After the UN's startling announcement about the upcoming irreversible climate disaster, carbon emissions have once again entered the spotlight, but knowing what you can do to lower your carbon emissions and live a greener lifestyle can be tricky and daunting. So here are just three websites that can help you get started.

1. 1 million women

1millionwomen.com is a movement that was founded in Australia by Natalie Isaacs. It’s aimed at fighting climate change by encouraging lifestyle changes in households across the world.

Climate change is a result of fast-accumulating greenhouse gases, of which carbon dioxide is one, in the atmosphere that trap the sun’s heat and warm the earth. The reason we’re in a climate crisis is because humans are emitting a lot of carbon into the atmosphere through the way we live.

On 1 million women, you can track your carbon emissions and pledge to reduce them, which helps if you’re someone who needs a goal to look at and get you going.

1 million women founder, Natalie Isaacs. Photo from 1millionwomen.com.

2. Footprint calculator

Footprintcalculator.org is another website offering lifestyle changes. You take a quick quiz, consisting of questions about your daily life. The website processes your answers and it tells you how many earths it would take to sustain the population if everyone lived like you did, which puts it all into perspective.

Not only that, but footprint calculator tells you how long we would have, if everyone lived like you, before we depleted all of our planet’s resources – another profound revelation.

If you need a little inspiration to get your act together, this should help you out. Footprint calculator also shows you the areas of your life that contribute the most to your footprint, so it guides you to where you need to look at making changes if you want to live a more sustainable life.

Footprint calculator is run by the Global Footprint network.

3. Ecosia

Ecosia.org is an internet browser like Google or Firefox. It works just like Google, but the revenue from advertising goes towards planting trees across the world.

Considering how much energy you probably use just using your computer, Ecosia is a great move to making it a little more carbon neutral. The best thing about it is it’s probably the easiest step you can take towards living a greener lifestyle because it lets you do exactly what you were doing before, the money just goes towards trees, which help the earth, us, and the economy.

The Ecosia logo.

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